Eames Elephant(イームズエレファント)













In the 1940s, Charles and Ray Eames spent several years developing and refining a technique for the three-dimensional moulding of plywood, creating a series of furniture items and sculptures in the process. Among these initial designs, the two-part elephant proved to be the most technically challenging due to its tight compound curves, and the piece never went into serial production. A prototype was given to Charles’s 14-year-old daughter Lucia Eames and later borrowed for the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1946. It still survives in the Eames family archives today. After a limited edition in 2007, Vitra has now added a plywood version of the legendary Eames Elephant to its standard portfolio. The sculptural figure with a high-quality face veneer in American cherry went into serial production for the very first time in 2017. Several years ago, the Eames Elephant was also launched in plastic, making it available to the target group for which it was originally intended: children. And Eames Elephant (small) also comes in plastic in a choice of colours: the design is identical but on a smaller scale. Whether selected as an elegant wooden object for the living room, as a robust plastic toy for a child’s bedroom or outdoor use, or as a small decorative animal figure – the friendly animal with its proudly prominent ears will bring delight to children and parents alike.











04 white
23 ice grey
63 palm green
12 deep black
03 poppy red
41 pale rose
97 buttercup

dyed-through polypropylene, matt finish.